Nenonen – Carnival Headband



A swathe of rich auburn rooster feathers, majestic pheasant feather spears and hand painted feathers patterned with gold lacquer create a lightweight but energetic headpiece. To contrast with the autumn hues I have added glimmering natural peacock feathers and embroidered peacock feathers, emerald and scattered with glimmering gold sequins. The centrepiece is a collection of curlicues, intricately beaded with gold sequins and pearlescent beads.

This headpiece is worn on an Alice band, that sits easily on top of your head. It can be worn alone, with the Pegasus headband to create a more dramatic effect. [Click here to view Pegasus]

If you’d like to order a custom creation, or have any questions, please get in touch either using the contact linkĀ here or email me at

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