Flourish – Feather Headdress


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A bounty of textiles, a rich colourway and a bold design make up this statement headpiece.

There are three lines of feathers: thick, soft, pure-white rooster hackle creates the perfect backdrop to the vibrant hand-painted ombre feathers, which fade from jet black to white, to a deep magenta. Naturally speckled black and white feathers peek out from beneath the base.

Several textiles forge base of this headdress: a black and grey graphic print cotton is complimented by rich magenta suedette. Either side are sections of fabric I hand printed with my own design inspired by Moroccan paisley prints. Strips of hand woven Mexican cotton are embroidered with white cotton, and orange wooden beads set the colours off perfectly. White bobble trim is hand sewn across the top edge, and a gorgeous tassled trim adds movement and texture across your forehead.

Either side of the headdress sit glimmering mother-of-pearl buttons, nesting on layers of hand woven textile, sourced form the magical mountains of San Christobal, Mexico.

This headdress is the last one of a small, three part limited edition batch. Please allow up to three weeks for production. If you require a rush order or have any requests for custom orders please get in touch with me here using the contact link in the menu bar, or email georgia@hapuska.com.

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