Caspian – White Beaded Headpiece


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A bold statement headpiece, etherial yet strong.

This headpiece contains three separate intricately beaded art deco triangles, each made up of hundreds of transparent glass beads that catch the light. Behind the central motif is a thick flurry of soft white feathers, intermixed with pearl and clear beads on wire stems, and two silver lace leaves. An ivory peacock feather and three ivory peacock spears create a dramatic centrepoint. I have added slices of abalone to the band that holds these in place, which shimmer with pearlescence.

This headpiece will be very limited edition, only three are to be made. Each one will be made-to-order so please allow up to three weeks for construction.

If you need your item sooner, would like the design altered, or have an idea for a custom creation, please get in touch using the contact linkĀ here or email

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